10 Must Have​ Social Media Plugins for your WordPress Website​

There are thousands of plugins available on WordPress. And this humongous amount of choices makes it an extremely difficult task for the users to decide which plugin is beneficial to them. There are few plugins that go with the type of website you are using it for but some plugins don’t require any categorization and thus are our 10 must-have social media plugins on WordPress that fits in every niche.

Social Media is not merely a public sharing stage today, but it has flourished as a well-nurtured social platform that provides an effective way of integrating every aspect of your business in a presentable yet informative way.

In this blog, I am going to introduce you with 10 of the most effective social media plugins you would regret not having in your WordPress till now.

Let’s dwell in it!

1.    Revive Old Posts

Social media growth is all about driving traffic which in turn is all dependent on activeness of that social media profile. With Revive Old Posts, you need not worry about sparing time for social media post on a very busy day. With this plugin, you can automate the sharing of your old posts and can also automatically hashtag it from WordPress dashboard as well as schedule it.   

This plugin is helpful to save your time while assuring that your account is always active on many popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler, etc.

2.    Kiwi Social Sharing

With this larger than the sea amount of competitors in the market, attracting user’s attention is an obvious fact. No user stays on the website that takes too long to load completely. Kiwi Social Sharing stands out among other plugin options in this regard because, in spite of having so many useful options, the loading speed of your website never gets affected. 

Kiwi provides you with the option of placing social sharing button above and below the content as well. It also offers an unlimited color option for your button, anything, and everything to make it appealing.

3.    Social Warfare

Social Welfare offers you attractive and customizable social sharing buttons. It allows you to create in-post tweetable quotes and also offers the option to upload Pinterest-specific images and descriptions. 

Not only it helps in driving traffic to your site, but also provides a comprehensive analysis of social data. A special widget also helps you to showcase popular shares of your sites and you can also track your social shares with UTM Tracking added to every shared link.

4.    Flexi Instagram Feed 

As the name suggests, Flexi Instagram feed is specifically designed keeping your Instagram account in mind. We know how frustrating it can get when you have a display in your mind but you just can’t get the right template to work with. Flexi provides a wide range of customizable to choose from in the quickest time. Moreover, you also tune your feed how you like with a real-time display editor. Best thing is that Flexi is compatible with almost all popular themes and offers you a free lifetime update.

5.    Social Network Tabs

Social Network Tabs is the best option to create slide out tabs or statistics tabs there is in the market. You can also put these tabs in your post content to make it look more rich and informative. Social Networking tabs offer 16 social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, RSS, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. and 69 feed options.

It provides the option of disabling the slide-out tab options for the mobile device to prevent delay loading of the website. It also offers the option to have a live view of Facebook and RSS snippet.

6.    Easy Social Share Buttons 

Easy Social Share Button is definitely the most amazing social media plugins for WordPress with the social sharing buttons and social fan widget in the sidebar. This plugin gives you few of the unique customizable option with your social media buttons such as where you want to place it, how you want the button to display, switch on-off counter, design and many options to match your requirement.

It also comes along with a widget that gives you the option to display your profile with the fans count and you can place it in the sidebar or anywhere you find optimum.

7.    ARSocial 

This plugin support as many as over 42 social media sites and offer number of useful features like social sharing, fan counter, social locker, and many others to help you converse better with a wide range of communication option.

Automatic display of social media button at a specific location, styling option to change the design of your social media button as per your need, content lockers and built-in analytic feature are few of the many attractive features it contains that makes it an assure must-have plugin on our list.

8.    Sossy

This social media plugin is as attractive as its name. It provides highly customizable display options so that you can style your current theme. It offers you the option to create unlimited responsive social counters and social profiles on your site.

One of the most attractive features is the drag and drop arrangement of social media profiles.

9.    Click To Tweet

If you are actively present on Twitter, you must have already come across this plugin. If not, get it now. Click To Tweet is a specific yet highly praised plugins for your twitter posts. It is one of the most popular and attractive social sharing plugins nowadays. Your users can share any message from the content of your post with just a click. 

10.    Socializor

Socializor is a 2 in 1 plugin as it offers you the useful email subscription button alongside your social media button and also gives you the best bar that matches perfectly to your site with different color schemes and unlimited color options.

This plugin is super flexible and thus you can easily customize your icons with unlimited colors and shapes. The most attractive thing this plugin offers is Floating social media bar, now who doesn’t want that, right!