Link building isn’t the future of SEO

Link Building has always been an essential part in the creation of your blog and helps in increasing its content value and hence it’s ranking in the Google Search;  so saying that the Link building will not be as essential in  The Future sounds absurd. Let’s see how

What is the most important thing for Google when a user visits your page?

The User’s Experience.

That’s right. The user experience of the page will determine if your page is relevant enough regarding the topic search in its search engine. Google generates a big part of their revenue from ads. So what’s for User is what’s best for Google.

This is where the user experience on your page, how much time they have spent on your page, the engagement on your page and many more factors determine the ranking of your page in Google SERP aside from backlinks.

Google would rather rank a relevant page with no or few links, rather than an irrelevant website that contains dozens or even hundreds of links but is only partially relevant.

So here are some of the things Google take into consideration regarding the ranking of your website.

  1. Time on Site

    The more time one spends on your page the more Google will regard your post relevant to the searched content on its engine. That will result in the increase in the value of your page and hence the ranking of your page in Google SERP.

  2. Bounce Rate

    When a user clicks the back button from your page then Google will take that as irrelevant to the Searched content and that will result in the probability of your ranking getting lowered.

  3. CTR or Click Through Rate

    What CTR means is it the number of the people of the people that clicked on your ad post compared to the other posts. That will make Google determine how useful or relevant your post is in context to the searched content.

So what is the conclusion

SEO is not as easy as one think everyone can agree on that. There are a lot of things that affect the ranking of your web page other than the numbers of backlinks you have on your page. Many web pages that have minimum content and a lot of backlinks have Google ads running on it, but sooner than later they are all removed and their ranking gets lowered.