Should you or you shouldn’t have a Sidebar in your Blog?

There is a serious debate about whether one should have a sidebar on their website or not. To have a sidebar or to not have a sidebar well it basically depends on the person himself and how good can he optimize his website.

Now here we are going to explain both merits and demerits of having a Sidebar but first, we are going to discuss what is a sidebar and why it is so important to have a blog upon this.


Now, what exactly is a Side Bar and what is its role?


Side Bar is a theme feature tool which is introduced in 2.2 updates. It is basically a vertical column that showcases the information apart from the main content of the page. They are basically a widget on either the left or right side of the webpage; that can be customized by the administrator of the site.

The sidebar basically helps the viewer of the site to navigate easily through it. In a sidebar, you can see an “About” the author section, email signup forms, social media links, and popular posts.


Role of SideBar

SideBar plays an essential plan in creating a WordPress website. It is generally used to highlight the secondary content on your webpage. It usually highlights such sections of the site that need to gain the attention of the users with an objective to fulfill the goals of a site.


So if the SideBar is so helpful why do people remove it then?

Despite the above many benefits many people still remove the sidebar. You must be thinking them nuts; why would they do something like that. Well, the answer is simple. No matter how useful SideBar is, it is also a distraction from the main content.

So to highlight the main content many people generally remove the sidebar from their blogs.



Now here is the question again should you or you shouldn’t have a SideBar on your Webpage.

Here again, the answer depend on the person involved; whether they only like to highlight the main content of their blog or they want to add some cool links the side so help people navigate easily. The Choice Is Yours.

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